All My Love Is For You


Boy , I just want to love you . You open up my heart . I know and I believe in love at first sight . When I open my eyes in the morning , I can feel the kiss that left with me in last night dream . The feeling is still there and I smile all day long thinking about you . So I pray for you . So I promise you . I promise you that I am going to believe that it's you who I love . Will you come to me ? I want to be just a little closer to your embrace . I love you , my love . I will always going to be this way .  You love me . Then and now those words still make my heart race . I will wait but I am afraid that this feeling of emptiness might just be my own selfishness .  Even if I'm afraid of loneliness, I genuinely want you . You're the only one who makes my heart race and the only one for me . I love you so much and I'm always so thankful . So I love you

I never once forgot you . I thought of only you . Then what about you ? Did you forget me ? My tears fall from my eyes . I feel betrayed . I thought of finding you . I don't really know . In my eyes , you are the only one in the world . I don't have anything to say . I can't go on . I don't have tears . Look at me in front of you . Me , who lives for you alone . The time came for us to meet . You are in front of me , crying with nervousness . I dried your tears then I held your hand . I'm going to rise and give you whose been with me a happiness :) In my heart , I've found you . I can see the light that brightens me . I can't let go of the eternal happiness . Can you see me ? Call my name ! I will stay by your side . I love you ! Let's be together , you and me forever