A Goodbye

Now all my hopes and all my dreams are suddenly reality . You've opened up my heart to feel a kind of love that's truly real . A guiding light that'll never fade . There's not a thing in life that I would ever trade . For the love you give , it won't let go . I hope you'll always know .

This post is dedicated to my beloved teacher , Mrs Kalaichelvi . She is my Geography teacher since form 1 till form 3 . Then , she is my English teacher since form 4 until now . Tomorrow is her retirement day . I am quite sad because she had been with me since I am form 1 . The only teacher who teach me 5 years in a row . We will perform for her tomorrow and I hope my classmates did not cry . If not , I will cry too . Teacher also said that she didn't want us to cry because she will also cry . It's quite sad . She's like our mother already . She always defend us from other teacher . She understand us and she is so cool ! 

Dear Mrs Kalai , thanks a lot for all the effort of teaching me not only Geography and English but many things about life . You make me love English more . You always said that I will get A for Geography even though I always get B and C in exam . And to my surprise , I got A in Geography for PMR ! Thanks God , thanks to you too . Ouh , talk about PMR ... I still remember the moment I cried because I didn't get straight A's . You is the first teacher who calm me down . I still remember of what you said to me that time . I really appreciate it . And for English , you always ask us to do an essay . When doing essay , I enjoyed it . Plus , you said my essay was good except for the grammar mistake . And yesterday , you said that I will get an A+ for English . You said I can write and you give me good mark for my essay . I am sorry for always using Korean names in my essay . I just love it . Hahahaha . But I won't do it in my SPM . Promise ! And ... no worry , teacher . I will get an A in English for SPM . InsyaAllah . Forgive me for whatever mistake that I have done to you . Anyway , if you're bored feel free to come and visit us . I hope you will be happy in your life not as a teacher . I love you , teacher . Even I am not so close with you but I enjoy your classes and I do love you

Maybe In Love

I don’t remember the look you used to give me or your warm and cozy embrace . From some point , we didn’t try to get to know each other or even want to get to know each other . Our changing images were so cold that it couldn’t even be touched . Inside the tiring indifference , I couldn’t do anything and I hated myself more for that . You didn’t look at my eyes , you didn’t read my heart , you turned away from my sadness . I love you – were these words not enough ? I didn’t know at first , I thought you were just busy . Your calls and dates with you grew less . You’ll come if I wait , I should understand . But the more I did so , the further you got . I am standing here in the same place but you grow faint and I can’t see you . I don’t even know my way back . So come here , hurry and save me . On the day where everything ended in a quick moment , after snapping out of it , I realized I was really alone . Are you really crying like a fool ? Do you think it’s over ? I really can’t think of anything right now . I love you – maybe I just wanted to hear those words . 
That was you 

I Need You

Pass by me , I’ll pretend not to have seen those eyes . I’ll just say that I didn’t see you . Please just ignore me before my shaking heart collapses . This coincidence happened one , two , three times . Now it feels like you are my destiny . For the last time , just one , two , three more times , I keep missing you . You are so precious to me . Why is it you who happened to take everything ? Everything that I ever wanted . Tears fall when I see you . Why did you touch my heart ? I can’t have you but I want you . My heart hurts when I see you who can never be mine . In my dreams , I am holding you and I am saying these nonsense words , I love you . Tears fall drop by drop but I try to brush off my heart . Your embrace makes me breath . Just come into my arms and stay still . I tried convincing myself and tried to avoid you . But now I became a coward girl and I want you . My heart ... it’s the place that you should be . Which decision is the right one ? I need you , want you back . Stop avoiding , swallow up the memories that are tangled up and scarred . I need you , I feel so bad . The scrunched up nervousness , I’ll make it into a place of peace and spread it out within me . Now you are so precious , more than anyone else . I am going to you right now , after letting everything else go . I don’t need anything else because I love you . I will protect you , whatever it takes . I just need to look at you . I need you , I want you and I love you .